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At the Barker Gang Garage we just don't build dream cars. We are inventers and innovators in auto accessories and design. Every once in a while someone invents a product so revolutionary, that it changes people’s lives. Meet Dennis Barker. Dennis is truly one of the mechanical geniuses of our time. Growing up as a top competitor motorcycle racer and drag race car builder in his early years, Dennis built a reputation as being a can do guy. Dennis Barker has been working with the Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor for over 43 years in the shop and at the track. As a result of those years, Dennis has accumulated knowledge of the Quadrajet Carburetor that inspired him to come up with a permanent fix to the vacuum leaks at the throttle shaft and to develop the an un-warping tool for the air horn and fuel float bowl assemblies. In the late ‘70s, after working at several Ford dealerships, Dennis opened his own Ford authorized service center; there were only a few Ford factory authorized service centers in the greater Denver area. Dennis was all ready working out his ideas on what later would become his life long ambition, the invention of the world’s first truly retractable electric convertible top for the Jeep Wrangler and Unlimited.

Dennis Barker in a 1957 Corvette


You can see some of our inventions and innovations by visiting their respective sites.

Barker Bushing Kit - A stainless steel rebushing kit for the Quadrajet Carburetor throttle shaft.

Barker Un-Warping Tool - Un-Warping Tool for all Quadrajet Carburetors.

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